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Tomei 2way Trax Advance


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Hey guys!

I just picked up a new Tomei 2Way Trax Advance LSD.

It was an awesome package with new half shaft seals, diff gasket, bearings, diff oil and diff centre.

Now I got couple of questions;

Does anyone have a TOMEI diff user manual in English?

I remember reading somewhere I have to drive around in figure 8's for 20min to run the diff in. What about driving to the place I have enough space to do this in? Will that be a big issue? Its about a 4 or 5 min drive.

Any other tips for running in an LSD?

Any tips/anything to be aware of while installing the centre? (Yes, I have marked out the drive shaft and half shafts on the diff and shafts and kept all bearings and shims on the appropriate sides)

Any tips on loosening the crown wheel nuts?

Has anyone had any experience with this diff?

Does anyone have any photos of what a really tight 2 way diff looks like? Because mine has less than 1mm gap between the diamond locking mechanism (sorry i don’t know the name of it :dry: )

I’m gonna be using it for drifting. How much different is it going to behave? Am I gonna be able to hold the car sideways for a longer period of time?

How much easier will it make drifting compaired to the stocko VLSD?

Any other information/tips/advice is gretly appreciated!

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Do i use the stock shims on the left hand side of the diff centre when i put my new centre in? They go between the housing and the diff centre on the crown wheel side.

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sorry cant help you on the install, i just gave mine (NISMO) to a diff shop... cost me $250

for the run in, you will be fine to drive it to wherever you need to, just go soft as possible

i did figure 8's in 1st gear for 40mins solid

- remember to clutch in before you start the turn, then full lock and clutch out once the car is straight again

also remember a good cd

you will find the car is a lot more progressive and predictable to drift, but watch out for the first switchback as it will bite harder than you are used to and will fling the car a bit further around

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i have the same diff and love it. it used to be very noisy and made lots of bangs like they do and lots of ppl looking as you drive in the car park but is always very predictable i changed the oil a while ago to a synthetic castrol oil forget what grade and its much quiter then befor any Q just pm me

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Thanks guys!

Ill just slip the clutch as much as possible while getting it to the car park and put the clutch in around round-a-bouts..

Hope it all goes well!

The last thing I wanna do is root the clutch packs..

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