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2 X R35gtr's In Kallangur

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This is a half post worthy post...so..read only if bored.

Today as I was finishing up work I went outside to collect somthing and in the corner of my eye I noticed this wheel...then the gigantic gold brembo brakes and it clicked...zomg R35 gtr...the first one I have ever seen in the flesh...it was gunnetal grey with a red mines sticker on the front bar...with this ballistic hot asian chick in the passanger seat...so I try to stay calm and not wet myself and walk around it checking it out...yep, sweet..finally get to see one...then as I turn around to go back inside...there's another one about 10 feet away around the corner....it was awsome...both had custom plates, the gunmetal one's plate was ( 1 GTR ) and the other was ( 35GTR )... (are they users on this forum at all???)

the only thing that sucked was a few work mates could hear me getting excited and came out and started to go bogan spec on them....(do a burnout, show us how ya japjunkbox does skids)...I nearly died of embaresment...these fools have no idea what a GTR is letalone how awsome they are...then out he back proceeded to tell me how shit the cars were because you cant take them off road and that their 4x4's are way better...so I basically just walked off.

oh well, thats my random R35 post...was cool to finally see an R35gtr in the flesh letalone two of them...I think the second one even had an aftermarket exhaust...unless they come out standard with titanium tips?..

(edit) I posted this on another forum..it appears no one gives a sh*t so mods delete this if you wish...sorry for my random pointless excitement.

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hey don't be concerned by your enthusiasm, the first time I saw mine I nearly JIMP. still do.

bogans are bogans, we wouldn't be australia without them. be thankful they love their 4 x 4s. it lets them piss off to places far from where you will have to deal with them

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