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R34 Diff & Ecu.. Please Help


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Hi guys,

Just after some quick advice, had a quick look with the search button couldn't find exactly what i was after but its most likely out there.

I have a R34 auto, which im converting to manual, I have another r34 manual which is being wrecked currently and all the parts available to me.

Now my questions are;

1/ Whats the difference between the AUTO and Manual diff? Obviously the ratios. Please list the ratios, also is it wise to put the manual diff in, or just leave the auto? What differences will i notice?

2/Also should i change my ecu over to the manual. Whats differences would i notice?

Any other advice please feel free to let me know.

Please i require your help asap, as were currently in the middle of the conversion.

Thanks guys :)

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