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Power Loss (boost Leak?) Gtr.


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Hey guys,

So I got my GTR tuned recently and the tuner said that once we tried to go past 13psi, the car was just dumping the boost due to a hairpin leak of some sort, advised leak will need to be found etc, I was like meh, just leave it at 13psi enough power for a street GTR.

Anyways, recently, it has lost a lot of power (probably 4-5 weeks since tune), it is almost like it is running stock again. Does this mean the boost leak got bigger? Or could it be something else? (Could the PowerFC have forgotten the tune?)

Just want to have a rough idea before I take it apart looking for the leak... >_<

Oh also, don't know if this is relevant, but recently I have noticed that after giving it some stick, I can smell a strong/gassy smell, not sure where it is coming from.


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