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Posting for a friend whos login has gone completely screwy so he cant post.

so basically has any1 used this brand before and is it of any value to buy and use and not have it fall apart in your hand if you sneeze

Bahco tools.

theres this set


its 230 brand new from bunnings which seems pretty good value.

or any suggestions for around the $240 mark???????????????????????????????????????????

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Being a sparky, I tend to want the best tools (or close to it) for my job, and that does include some Bahco tools. I have a shifter, hacksaw and files, and all of them are still going strong.

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Bahco is a pretty good brand. They must rate their kit if it has a lifetime warranty like some of the other leading brands (kincrome and sidcrome). What is it that your friend is after? is it just a basic tool kit like in the link you posted? Crescent is another decent brand to be looking at, that is not on the too expensive side.

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As a Plumber i've had nothing but Bahco Hacksaws, and they have worked excellent, and i've always gone by the theory of "buy cheap, buy twice".

IMO most tool maufactor's have a niche.... and i was buying spanners and sockets, Kingchrome, Sidchrome or Snap-on would be my first port of call.

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Hi, I'm the friend who couldn't post. The set of tools from the link is the one that I am looking at buying.

I usually pay a significant amount more for tools as I've used cheap tool before and I end up having to do more work due to them rounding off bolts and screws :)

But right now I'm extremely broke but need a decent set of tools to get me going.

This set just seems like its very good value as all i really need is the socket wrench kit and the spanners.

Has anyone actually used this set before?

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