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Want To Write An Ecu Diagnostics Program

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Not sure if this is the right section for this but,

I'm not sure if anyone can help, but I am wanting to write a program to read diagnostics from the ECU but I need a copy of the ISO-9141-2 protocol.

Has anyone got a copy they could send me, or know of where I could obtain a copy.

I need some sort of documentation to be able to interprete the data beeing sent back t me through the OBD 2 adapter.


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What car are you dealing with? None of the skylines up to V35 have OBDII connector. They are consult 16pin port.

And at any rate there is already a good program and cable on the market for $145 AUD inc. software that does that.

It's made by PLMS Developments

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As above.

If you really want it you can purchase the standard from www.saiglobal.com,

ISO 9141-2:1994 Road vehicles - Diagnostic systems - Part 2: CARB requirements for interchange of digital information

pdfcopy is $66.71, hardcopy is $74.12

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