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R33 Turbo 5spd $1550 And Exedy Clutch $500

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R33 gearbox with (1") shortened shifter $1550.

These box's are getting rare now.

I went to a lot of trouble to cut and re-welded the shifter so it still has the rubber for a smoother feel.

Box is in great condition and a demo before buying is recommended.

Smooth gear changes and nice and quiet even on the freeway.

This is in a VLT

Exedy "Sports Tuff" Heavy Duty Cushioned Button - NSK-7056HDCB Clutch and machined R33 flywheel is about 1 year old.

Not too heavy on the leg and smooth/ easy to engage. Should hold up to 250rwkw (I only had 180rwkw)

Little use- I only drive this car 3 days a week max.

I payed about $750+ for it with new bolts,fly and machining etc.

Sell $500ono

Reason for sale; I'm old and tired and sick of VL Turbos !

I also have (at extra cost) the tail shaft, starter motor, throw out carrier and slave cylinder etc if some one needs them.

0402 739287- Tim

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