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Gta Iv On Pc.. Man This Games Laggy


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K so i got GTA IV other day, and it all runs smooth until i get in a car and drive fast, then it'll run smooth, hang for like 1/4 second then 6 seconds smooth, hang 1/4 then maybe 10 seconds, then hang etc.. like it goes from 30 fps to 3 then 30.. It's only when moving fast, all other GTA games i've played on PC Have done same thing, annoying as hell!

Anyway theres alot of people complaining about it but i cant seem to find anyone only complaining about stuttering while driving so was hoping someone on here might have some insight?

Other than that the games pretty awesome though

My pc is about average to most other people playing games atm, can get specs if needed have written down somewhere

Also stuttering is same on all graphic levels

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what are your machine specs and did you run the performance tests

this game is very graphics itensive and minimum and recommended specs for this game are complete crap. My computer is pretty good and i get the stutters as well (mind you I haven't updated the game to latest version.

IMHO this game needs minimum 512MB Video card and recommended 1GB card (I have seen this game run well on both SLI and CrossfireX setups and I manily due down to video card memory)

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Nah didnt see the performance tests?

my pc is

eah 4870 1gb

4 gb 1066

amd venom 2 810, friend set it up to 3.5ghz

650w gigabyte pro power spply

i just thought it was odd it happens on different graphic settings

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I think it's more about the video card as I get some issues as well.


It's because most of the game devlopers will devlop games for Nvidia (hence the Nivdia logos plastered all over the place) it just pisses me off to no end that a devloper would make a very good game but its biased towards a video card manufactuer because they will pay to help out (Crysis and Crysis Warhard I'm looking at you as prime example) - The last game I know that had ATI logos on it was F.E.A.R. 1

*end rant*

Does anyone here have this game with a Nvidia card have the same issues?

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1st of, what resoultion & graphic details are you running at?

This game is known as a crappy console port, the developer pretty much just complied the original code (desgined for consoles) straight to PC without much optimization for the PC, also I think this game doesn't support SLI properly neither.

My friend had a 9800GX2 (= 2x 8800GTs on 1 PCB) & the option menu in the game still shows his video memory as ~500Mb rather than 1Gb, same as my single GTS card.

I used to have the game installed when I was still using a 8800GTS, & it ran okish most of the time (~30 -40fps), but that was with a resolution of 1280x1024 (using old 19" LCD) & all the detail silders when only on about 30%.

I have yet to try the game out with my updated GTX260+ card.

The other sandbox game that is also known as a crappy console port is saints row 2.

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I run a Nividia 7600GS (below min req) and it runs ok on the minimum resolution, had issues with rendering before updating to the latest drivers, not a prob anymore.

Also have 2G ram and 3.0Ghz dual core.

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runs like shit on my 2GB 4870X2 as well

You have 2 of em? geeez

That sucks that it wasm't rebuilt or rewritten or whatever for PC..

I just got a new update for the game, i downloaded it manually (not sure if it was a patch as such or what) and it fixed all my problems, game runs perfectly smooth now even at high speeds, pretty sick game.. Absolutely retarded though that now it's perfect and this guy with the x2 is laggy just because of an update

Resolution is 1920X1200 or something like that, graphics are all max (except shadows) with view and detail visibility at max

Only shiet thing is since this update theres a whole bunch of people who can't get past a certain mission, but meh, fun as just driving around running into shit at the mo

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