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Anyone Know Who Cruises Thur/sat Nites?


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heya folks,

im wondering if anyone knows if its a club or just some local guys who cruise usually thursday or saturday nites?

normally they pass through belmont round 8:30-9 sometimes 4-5, once there was minimum 35+ all going down abernethy road. sometimes a few split off and find a spot near the train yards to smoke it up and have a spotter sitting on the main road.

once they were even doing donuts in the forestfield carpark next to the cop shop and the plods actually were stadning out the front chatting with one of the guys.

anyone able to give us a heads up who these peeps are?

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i dunno, no falcodores among them, mainly skylines, silvias and modded pulsars. a couple wrx. there was a torana or mayb a gemini once. didnt get a good look. they dont drive like bogans either. assumedly the ones that smoke it up in the back streets of high wycombe are but the others just seem to wanna cruise round.

im just curious who these folks are.

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