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1 Oem R34 Gtt Bonnet + 1 R34 Gtt Adr Approved Aftermarket Bonnet

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hey guys got some bits i wanna get rid off for a GTR conversion.

OEM 2000 R34 GTT Bonnet in black finish - $700 ONO


Bommex R34 GTT Bonnet in black finish - $950 ONO

ADR approved so no defects guys!!! Fibre Glass Material


Both items are located in Melbourne

**please note pics are not of actual product but identical in every single way.**

any questions please ask!!!


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If your buying cf bonnets that are fbglass, they usually have a single layer of carbon fibre which according to oficials has the potential to shatter and cause serious harm, which means illegal.

adr approve bonnets are made with certain meterials waraped in fiberglass which is accepted by officials.

If you want more info search it up and please refrain from posting unless you are interested in buying.

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No.. Fibreglass absorbs impact better than Carbon fibre.. Look at a F1 car total carbon, hits anything bits fly everywhere. For the record f/g and c/f bonnets are illegal because they often dont use a latch and or it is not as strong as a metal/aluminum etc (except in OEM cases obviously) and they fly up and cause a shattered window at speed & a crash from no vision.

Only ADR approved bonnets are made by Blits im sure this is one, same design.

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