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Are There Any S1 Dash Experts Out There


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Ive got a weird thing happening with my s1 dash, i can start the car and drive with everything fine then stop at the shops and when i start it again i'll have no tacho or speedo and sometimes the fuel and temp gauges go to full.

This could then last all day or dissappear next time i turn it off, on the odd occasion its even put up 999999 on the oddometer. All other functions continue work as nomal during the hissy fits.

Ive had the dash out check the earths and connections all seem fine.

I think there has to be some sort of relay controling the power to these parts of the dash as it only faults on start up but have had no luck finding one.

Has anyone else come accross this prob or have a wiring diagram for the dash and loom to help me sort this issue.

Cheers Daz

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I have had a similar problem with speedo and rev counter freezing. The first time i took the battery lead off and put it back on to fix it but the second time i just turned the igntion off and on again. It hasn't happened for some time now. I think I saw a previous post saying that it could be caused during installation of an aftermarket stereo.

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If its any help i had a problem in my S2 where I was driving along and all of a sudden the dash went out and everything stopped working e.g. speedo, rev counter and so on. Car drove OK though, I went home and restarted it a couple of times and no change. I then tried taking out each fuse under the bonnet and gave each a little clean if they looked dirty, hey presto the dash works again. Maybe give that a go and see if it helps

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Thanks for the info still have the original stereo but i will poke around in that area tomorrow.

I had pulled every fuse out from the dash but not under the bonnet will try that as well.


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