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A Decent Buy Skyline R33 Boutt 5k


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hey im looking for a skyline r33 , as uni requires high demand for long distance travelling, not to mention the load of book work, i would like a skyline r33 around the price range of 4000-$5500 , im strapped for cash cause of uni but yeah

i will consider just about anything in pretty good condition , white or black doesnt bother me

from melbourne western suburbs , im also looking for something i can modify a little such as music system etc

i dont want to drive mums shotty ford falcon done over 600,000km lol ex-taxi, runs well but not my thing :|

contact me on 0430033848 for any offers thanks

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yeah im sick of all the uber newbs out there offering such a pittence for the R33 and in turn it is causing the overall retail value to slip becuz theyre all to fkn cheap to buy them..... i mean my beast cost me $19000 grand when i got it and i have spent close to $40000 on it in total (i think) lol and these clowns are offering 5K and want it to be decent..... u will be lucky to find a shithouse N/A model or a wrecked one for that price jesus im with jet go buy a corolla or an old honda civic with ya petty 5k and leave the skylines to real drivers who will spend the money on a car they truly want and love

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