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2003 Stagea M35 250t Rs Four

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Year: 2003

Make: Nissan

Model: Stagea M35 250T RS4

Engine: VQ25DET (2.5L V6 with single turbo)

Transmission: 5 speed Automatic with tiptronic

Kms: 94,000 - next service will be 100,000 km but not as expensive as some other cars - this car has a timing chain which doesn't need replacing.

Driveline: AWD (ATTESA)

Price: $18,000 - or otherwise give me a price and we'll go from there.

Features: Digital Climate Control incl Econ option, 3-guage DIN in dash (front torque, volts, and boost),electric fold-in mirrors, self-closing boot option, split rear boot hatch, extra storage space under boot floor.

The car is completely stock with the exception of a VDO stereo (aftermarket, professionally fitted) which can play mp3/wma/ogg, and accepts SD/MMC cards, CDs, and USB sticks.

Imported Oct 2008. Has had 2 x full engine service, plus transmission service also. Only selling due to finances, have a baby on the way and will be going to single-income soon. Still need a wagon but looking for something cheaper which will give us some money for expenses.

If you're interested in the car, make an offer.


post-23960-1240642149_thumb.jpg post-23960-1240642161_thumb.jpg post-23960-1240642175_thumb.jpg

(the cord in the 3rd pic is just a portable satnav unit - not included in sale).

Also note: stereo has been changed (see above).

Please Note: there are 2 cigarette burns to the front seats - which were there when the car came over from japan. Also boost guage only works intermittently. The rest of the interior is spotless however. Inspections welcome. :D

P.S. the title says 'no swaps' but if you have a good condition s2 auto stagea and would like to upgrade to M35, I may consider a swap + some cash my way.

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I have since moved to Adelaide, SA (as of August 2009). Rego has been transferred to SA rego.

The car has been advertised on carsales.com.au as of today (April 24, 2010).

The car is still running very reliably and is in the same condition as the above photos show.

Major 100,000km service has been carried out by a professional workshop.

All regular servicing is up to date and only full synthetic oils have been used.

The odometer reading is currently 120,000km.

The price remains at $18000 (this is lower than the price advertised on carsales and is therefore not negotiable).

inspections welcome - please PM me on here.

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