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R34 Gt Turbo Installation

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Hey everyone,

I currently own an R34 GT, obviously NA. I have been playing with the idea of converting it to a turbo in a few years time when im off my P's and stuff, just wanted to find out everything that has to be done to convert a non-turbo to a turbo, like all the supporting mods and stuff, and how much money im looking at here?

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if i were in ur situation what i would do would be start organising all of the parts now that u want.

u hve 2 options really u can buy and rb25 de and all the associated parts to make it an na+t this way u spread the spending out over a longer period of time instead of shelling out for all the stuff u need at the same time.

or u can get an rb25det and when u get off ur p's just put it in. it really shouldnt take more than a day. and i think the loom are compatible (not sure 100% though)

i think option 2 will be far cheaper and easier and will net u more power with far less headaches.

then sell of the original motor.

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