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i was offered $3000 and $5000 and $7000 for mine, all within 2 weeks of buying them. turned them all down. Still loving the novelty of them. All offers were non skyline owners, probably wanting to resell to make a buck. Im sure if you get word out you can get $10,000 for them.

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    • Hold your horses, it hasn't run yet. Fingers crossed,Lol Was thinking about this the other day, could of just paid someone 10-15k and not had to touch anything. My body and hands are sore AF. I understand why people just pay, it's not an easy task to do at home and a hell of a lot of work. Wife says I should have cut my losses and got rid of it. Told her to wash her mouth out with soap.
    • That sucks about the pipe.  Life loves to bend you over sometimes.  Catch can idea seems sound to me. 
    • Hi all, Enjoying learning about my new C34. Question for you experienced folks about wind noise. There seems to be a some around the A pillars. But for me, I think there's also some air leaking around the driver's window by the B pillar (e.g. right in my ear). Is this normal? It becomes significantly noticeable as you get up to 120kph. It gets louder as you add speed. The door seal is soft and in one piece. No rips or tears. The window appears to be seated properly. I am missing the external air deflector on the A pillar. Thoughts? -Kip
    • I am embarrassed by how long mine took given what you've gotten done 0_0
    • When it comes to leather seats for your R34 GTT, you might have to go the custom route. It can be a bit pricey, but the result is often worth it – tailored to your liking. Check with local upholstery shops or automotive customizing experts; they can help you design and install leather seats that match your style and preferences.
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