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Wtb - Nsw: Black R32 Gt-r


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Hi All,

I'm after a factory black R32 GT-R, preferably a late 1993 or 1994 model.

I'm only considering cars in NSW as I prefer to inspect cars in person.

I *WILL NOT* consider unregistered or undriveable cars.

I'm willing to spend about $20,000 but my offer may vary higher or lower depending on my assessment of the car's fair value.

Any vehicle I'm genuinely interested in will be subject to my inspection and an inspection by State Roads.

I've inspected most of the black R32s on carsales.com.au and even had one inspected by State Roads at a cost of $210, so you know I'm a serious buyer.

If you have a black R32 GT-R you're considering selling, please contact me via reply to this post, PM or alternatively via mobile: 0431 571 304

Many Thanks,


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I'll be in Melbourne for a weekend in late July. If I haven't found what I'm looking for by then, I'd be interested in taking a look at your car.

Like I said, I've inspected quite a few so far and haven't found one yet... I'm pretty particular... so I just might still be looking three months from now.

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