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Stagea Stalling?


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Gday all

been driving my missus 1996 RS4 Auto Stagea

and at random times when i'm slowing to a stop the revs die and the car stalls

it's recently been serviced engine is completely stock

but has been filled with just plain unleaded fuel (unsure if that matters)

any insight would be greatly appreciated



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when i first got my 33 my boss shouted me fuel but his fuel card only worked at the shitty servo with normal 91 and premium 95 or something, and even on the 95 stuff whenever i came to the traffic lights or a stop sign revs would drop to 100-200 and nearly stall, id hate to think how it would run on 91, this is with the stock ecu too btw. now with any 98RON fuel she runs fine never drops under 5-600 rpm

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i would head over to the stagea section on here there is a few threads about stageas stalling aswell as all the possiblities it could be. Personally i know a few who are running their stag's on normal fuel and have never had an issue.

Stageas stalling is common to an extent and most seem to be able to fix it rather easily....have you checked the filters and fuel filter.. they maybe blocked or dirty? your afm?

but like i said head the stagea section and you find how people fix them or determined what was going on..

Good luck!

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Sounds like your AFM

had the same prob with my stagea and R33

change out the AFM and see if that fixes it

you could probebly borrow one, only takes about 5mins, will be able to confirm befor spending money at workshops

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Usually caused by fault Air Flow Meter or Aftermarket Blow Off Valve.

Both are easy to fix, the AFM is the easiest and cheapest to test, you can borrow somebody elses, will only take 15 minutes, if no difference then it's probably related to the blow off valve. Aftermarket blow off valves that vent to the atmosphere (instead of recirculating) will cause most skylines/stageas to stall.

Also as a quick (temp) fix you can unscrew your AAC valve a little (it's a small screw on the intake plenum) this will raise the idling RPM and should make it a little harder to stall (will probably use a bit more fuel and have a less steady idle though).

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