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Wtb R35 Gtr Premium Oem 20" Rims / Wheels

The Thinker?

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I am looking for a full set of OEM R35 GTR 20" wheels w/o tyres for a Premium model (Real Black Colour or whatever Nissan is calling it). Easy cash for the owner with an upgraded ride that took their OEM rubber.

(Edit: will consider taking rubber depending on the price)

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That said I should point out I am willing to pay the right price for the right set. Feel free to PM me with a number that tickles your fancy and we can go from there.

japanese performance centre has a set 08 92010400

Thanks for the heads up Enemie, unfortunately they are not the "real black" rims from the premium pack. Sounds trivial I know but my hands are tied on that detail.

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