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Nismo Gt Pro 2way - How To Adjust Preload?

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Hi all,

How do you adjust the pre-load on the Nismo GT Pro 2 way LSD? I've managed to get the axle and that spline->flange thingy that sticks into the diff out, stick my 19mm socket in - nothing there... Can't quite get my head in there, but I looked with a mirror and there's nothing hexagonal in there. And yes, it was the RIGHT (driver's) side axle I pulled.

Could it be that it's NOT a GT Pro? It came with a nice black Nismo box with instructions on on how to adjust the pre-load (IN JAPANESE, grrrrr). Or somehow my mechanic put the adjusterer on the left side?

First post, so pls pardon the n00bness.

Thanks in advance!

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