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Fixed Headgasket And Now Car Wont Start


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hey guys,

i have just finished replacing my headgasket on my HR31 with a redtop rb20 nics.

i finished putting it back together, and the first couple of times i went to start it, it would fire a couple of times then die.

after the first few times it wont fire at all now.

we tested the plugs and leads, and they both have spark, also there is fuel going in when we were testing the plugs.

so it has fuel and spark, yet still wont turn over.

also what am i meant to do to align the 'cam position sensor?' the big silver thing on the front of the cam.

there are 2 plugs which i can find where they go, im pretty sure the grey one wasnt connected at all....

thanks guys






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If the red-top is anything like the silver-top, then the CAS should align to a key on the end of the exhaust cam (a process which is described in too many threads to count!).

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