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Radar Detector Question - Pro78


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hey has anyone turned just the k-band off? ive had my detector for around 2 months, and the k-band false alerts are really pissing me off, k-band has never saved me. ive driven past multiple unmarket cars/marked cars and cop stations and the detector has never beeped anything. ive read up somewhere that for the detector to pick up a cop car they have to be using they're radar at the time or something, is this the only time that k-band will go off legitimatly?

ps. laser and ka-band work fine.

is this right?

-ka band = only multinovas, (and maybe cop cars ?)

-laser = only handheld's

-k band = a shitload of false alrets is what ive only seen

x band = not needed in WA so its turned off

has any1 turned off kband without any probs?

cheers !

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roof mounted detectors.. never heard of them before and i probably dont wanna see one :laughing-smiley-014:

are roof mounted detectors like multinovas (just get you for speeding?)

and in the country r u talking bout bunbury and albany ect. ?

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Don't turn K-band off, I had a squad car light me up with K-band on Guildford Rd not long ago. And it's fkn awesome for highway and country driving. You should, after a while, get to know what is a false alert and what's not.

K - in-car radar and automatic doors, doesn't bother me when it falses.. just keeps me on my toes. (Possibly also some industrial alarm systems transmit on this frequency too)

Ka - multinovas

Laser - self explanatory

X - not used here.

Yes, you can turn each band off.

As for where to buy them, I got my Pro-78 from radars.com.au, they're in Morley and the dude is a great bloke to deal with.

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