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What Magazine/s Do You Buy/subscribe To?

What's Your Preferred Publication?  

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I hear there's a GT-R owner desperate to get some forward momentum on their rebuild, and their auctioning off a heap of AutoSalon mag's on a worldwide auction site that a few people have heard about. It seems the GT-R owner's views on what constitutes a good read many years ago has changed, and it got me thinking...What magazine do you religiously buy(or subscribe to)? I'm lead to believe, rightly or wrongly, that SAU'ers are a fairly learned group, and whilst the www. can provide a heap on info', the publication houses seem to hold their own. I hope there are still people that read off printed matter instead of screens for some of their time. I love a good coffee and the latest ish' of...well, I have a few, but I'm attempting my first poll post here, so let's see what happens. I'm not gonna say straight up MY fave's; some of may have an idea of what I like to read already. So...I want to know what the prevailing theme is within ACT SAU. Get posting, in between flipping the pages of your latest magazine, hopefully!

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I used to buy quite a few mags but have stopped because I just wasn't reading them! They'd sit there in a "to read" pile and before I knew it, the next issues were out and the pile kept growing lol

I would still buy Speed if it was still around though...

Now I only buy the odd issue of HPI when SAU is in it, or someone's car I know is in it :P

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I used to get HPI but now it's PI - I only get this for the Local Drift Content as Drift Battle went bust.

I can't read much Japanese but i also get Japanese Option and Japanese Drift Tengoku.

I'm surprised you didn't include Top Gear mag.

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Did I mention that there's a GT-R that needs funding via AutoSalon magazine sales on a prominent online auction site??? :P Any A.S. buyers on here might wanna check it out...(Geez, now I'm REALLY scrounging for dollars..) :laughing-smiley-014:

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Hey Jayce, I hear that K.Rudd is handing out $900.00 bonuses (just got mine this morning), maybe that will help get the GTR back on the road? :)

Nice idea, but Mr. Visa has already put his hands up for 'stimulation'!!! LOL!

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