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R34 Dash & G/box Lights - Need Help

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I tried searching but I could not get any answers.

I have an Automatic R34 GT-T and some of the lights in the interior have gone out. When I turn on the headlights most of the stuff lights up apart from a few lights in the dash (e.g A/C button, fan up and down buttons etc.) aswell as the lights next to the shifter ('D', 'R', '+', '-' etc.) Is this simply a case of something as simple as a blown fuse or are there some lights that need replacing?

I'm pretty crap at this DIY stuff, any ideas on whether I can fix this myself or should I see an Auto Electrician (where I will probably get raped $$$ wise for something that I'm sure is very simple).

Thanks for any help.

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It'll be a bit of a pain, because you'll need to take out the dash and the centre console to get to the bulbs. I have two lights on my A/C controls (the direct/recirculation buttons don't light up anymore) and I think some of the bulbs may have gone pop, so I gotta take mine out again and go to an auto electronics shop to get some like them, or even find some the same that are blue instead, as I'd love to have all blue lights in my dash and centre console.

Best thing you can do is provide pictures of your console setup and we could help you out some more mate :)

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Cheers for the reply. Yeah I'll post up some pics (what I should have done in the first place). Unfortunately I'd rather buy more performance orientated stuff or exterior cosmetic things rather then paying an Auto Electrician to put in a few globes. Ah well, thems the breaks I suppose!

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