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Heavy Steering.

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Hi All,

I have a '96 R33 GTS-T S2. I noticed over the past few days the steering had become quite heavy, in particular when doing low speeds & performing u-turns.

At first i thought it was the cold weather, but it was still doing it after the car had warmed up and after driving it for a while.

I noticed the power steering fluid was a tad low and had a brown/blackish texture to it (almost like it was burnt?) so I topped it up last night. I took it for a spin and noticed it was a bit lighter to steer but still far from perfect.

When i was pulling out of my driveway I noticed the back wheels were steering too. I was under the impression Hicas only kicked in after 80km/h?

It also feels like the hicas is permanently on and sometimes when i turn the back of the car makes a creaking noise like the rear axel is under strain by trying to steer or something.

When I start the car the Hicas light comes on for 2 seconds then disapears, as it normally does.

A lot of this could be me being paranoid or over protective of my car but I am sure it never used to do this.

Your assistance would be appreciated.



(mods please move this thread if I have posted it in the wrong area)..

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i had this experience also tonight when i finnished work, i started car and drove and notive steering heavy and drove it home and was still the same the fluid is low and its also black so i top it tmz and i get it checked out or service would like to know what could be problem and the solution

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