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Can U Rip A Burnout With Abs Brakes?

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Rev 7000, Dump Clutch, Quickly put left foot on brakes HARD!...

Oh and change 2 second...don't just leave it on limiter in 1st. Actually don't leave it on limiter in any gear. Control it with the throttle!

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or learn to heel and toe the throttle/brake so you dont make an idiot of your self and miss slamming your left foot on the brake and jumping forward or slamming to hard and stalling..

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What are you trying to do anyway? And why does it involve a high RPM dump and then hitting the brakes?

I'm not getting the part about hitting the brakes...

Oh, and your not doing this on the street are you?

If so, prepare for thread closure!

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you guys arent even gettin the question right, hes trying to rip a burnout but theirs ABS BRAKES, IT WILL STARK KICKING IN IF HE SLAMS THE BRAKES. EVEN SOFT IT WILL STILL KICK IN.. AND DUMPING THE CLUTCH AINT A BURNOUT

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I have ABS. The way I described is what I use to do, but I learnt from a guy when I was at the drags once to try Heel-n-Toe method!

Maybe he needs to check the strength of his brakes.

Oh and make sure the car is stationary whilst the rears are spinning. My ABS actually does come in sometimes when the car starts to move a bit.


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Ugh why are people gracing this with serious replies, don't use a Skyline for burnouts, what do you think V8 Commodores are made for? P.S if your mate can't do a burnout without the brakes, he should give up while he's ahead.

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