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Rb26/30 Security And Engineering

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Hey guys, searched the threads and can't find anything specific, but i am looking at building a RB26/30 or possibly worst case RB25/30 and want to know how engineering the car works.

I have a ER34 Non turbo Skyline (1998 model 2 door) and want to get a series 2 VL bottom end RB30 from a N/A VL to prep, i want to couple it with a 26 top end that may possibly be from a R33 or even a R32 and want to know the issues involved in doing this.

I have heard that you need to have a engine model specific to the year of your car or higher to engineer a car for road use in Victoria so you don't get defected etc etc.

How do people get around this problem? Do they not register their cars with the new engine blocks etc? Would the block be the only thing that counts or does the head count for year of issue aswell? I have seen GT-R's (BNR34) using RB30 bottom ends and R33's even so im just curious.

Just want to know things like how to know the block number is not stolen and is safe to buy, (where do i go? eg: Vic roads) where to get the block checked for cracks and problems? (xray scanning)

Just want to know the ins and outs of secuirty issues involed and how to keep the car as legal as possible while doing the build up.

Cheers guys,


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Go to VicRoads and ask them. They're the people you should be asking.

When you're there, ask them to have a copy of the list of the approved engineers.

The NSW RTA site has pretty much all the info on there, so try a search on the VicRoads site.

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I might be able to help here.

I know in NSW you are only allowed to put an engine in a vehicle that is the same year or newer than the vehicle itself.

However I don't think this rule applies in Victoria. Everyone knows NSW are a lot more Nazi than Vic. Best bet is to ring a few engineers listed on the Vicroads site and get their opinion. Looking through Vicroads documentation online I couldn't find anything.

For block testing, such as crack testing etc etc etc, I recommend CW Engines, Nunawading. Just did a full rebuild on my Supra motor, and had everything checked (4 headgaskets blown means something would have been adversely effected)

As to whether the block is stolen, yeah probably best bet is vicroads... I don't know where else you could try

As for getting it engineered, I went to a good bloke in Melbourne, and once he realised I had done my engine conversion and brake upgrade properly and as-by-the-book-as-possible, and not another kid in a VN piece of shit, he was really great. If you want his details email me at [email protected]

The other option is wait a few years and I will sign it off for you once I'm accredited :)

Hope this helps. Any other questions regarding legality and engineering just ask

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You cannot legally engineer a 25/30, 26/30 in Victoria unless you pay for FULL EPA testing, which will cost more than the motor itself I can assure you.

Nissan didn't make one, so you can't

So simply put, it'll never be legal/registered with a 25/30 because no-one in their sane mind would attempt a full EPA approval certificate, just not worth the money.

So basically when it comes time to selling the car, you are forced to take the engine out and install a RB25 or something and sell the motor separate.

Also note there if the car then comes under the eye of insurance, and is stolen or something, you'll be potentially in a bit of shit if its stripped etc, you'll only get a RB25 back because you cant tell them you have a un-engineered motor, as thats illegal :)

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