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R33 Gtr Photoshop Request


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Would appreciate it if one of you photoshop gurus could shop some R34 GTR wheels on this R33 pic.

It's not my actual car, but it's exactly the same model/colour as mine, just without the stocko wheels. I don't have a good side-on shot of mine at the moment.

Feel free to stick on any other wheels you thing would look good as well if you feel like it, I'm kinda struggling with the amount of wheel choices that are around these days.

Would also be interested to see how something in black or white would look if someone has the time.

Thanks muchly.



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had a quick go at it.

Not perfect but you get an idea.


Nismo LMGT4 wheels.

Looks the best IMO, well certainly a lot better then BBS wheels (Damn I hate BBS wheels!) :banana:

As for the R34 GTR wheels on a R33 GTR = Looks weird.

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Thanks for that, they don't look half bad...

Not a big fan of the BBS either, but I didn't have many side-on shots to choose from, and they just happened to be on that car.

Didn't realise the 34's would look weird on a 33 - is it just that they "don't look as though they belong"? See lots of 33's on 32's, so figured it might look ok.

Thanks again for doing the Nismos. :P

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Actually... Here is a pic of my friend Tim, SAU Member Tim GTR, R33 GTR Veilside Combat R with R34 GTR wheels.

Weird was probably the wrong word to use...

Lets just say I would picked another style of wheels before the R34 GTR ones anyway...


IMO since the R33 is a lot rounder in shape then the R34, you need thick spoke wheels like Nismo's / Volk TE 37's / Veilside Evolution V or Work Meister's to top it off... It gives the car a very aggressive stance!

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Yep, I can see what you mean - the thicker spokes do look better on the fat girls :blink:

Do you know if the LMGT4's come in anything not quite so.....chrome?

I've seen the TE37's before, but not those particular Veilsides or Works you mentioned, off to have a look now.

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LOL! :blink:

Hell no! No Chrome! Yuck! The wheels I photoshopped on your Blue R33 GTR are silver... They just look very shiny.


Nismo LMGT4's come in Silver, Gun Metal Grey, White, Black and Bronze.




What looks to Gun Metal Grey...








Veilside Andrew Racing Evolution V



Fat ass deep lip.

I think better on old school cars.



TE 37's / Top Secret Gold TE 37's / Polished Lip TE 37's / Time Attack TE 37's (Black wheel with Red colour lip).

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Rota GTR (P45) 18x9.5 in bromzr or gunmetal or white

Failing that ROTA grid 18x9.5 or 18x10 in the same colours

Rota are also bringingout the GTR in 19x10 et20 !!!!!!!!

For those who dont know the GTR is a exact copy of the nismo LM4 wheel


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JD R33,

Since you got a blue R33 GTR, if you go with White LMGT4 wheels, it will give you the "National Skyline" Colour / Theme.

Blue Skies (Blue Car), White Clouds (White Wheels)... In the sky... Skyline... For some reason I remember reading that somewhere...

The Traditional Japanese Racing Colour is White.

Hence why all the R32/R33/R34 GTR N1's (N1 = Race Engines) only came out in Cristal White.

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Yep, I was thinking white on blue might look ok, had no idea about the japanese racing stuff.

If you get a chance could you shop these on to see how they look?

Thanks for all the suggestions.


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id prefer the lmgt4's and the volk te37's, they are the best rim by far.. as they look awesome on gtr's and are super light wieght.

only bad thing is that they are very expensive :(

other wise id have some on mine lol..

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As SKYLINE said, the R33s have a rounder appearance compared with the R32 / R34, and with the flared arches of the GT-R, I think something with a bit of dish is nice and aggressive. The R34 rims on KR4-GTR look awesome too (particularly in that colour), but I like a little bit of dish...

Here is a pic of mine with some Volk RE30s I bought from another member here- let me know if you want to hit him up for a deal on some JDM wheels.



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Thanks for the pics Matt, the Volks look great on your GTR.

I had pretty much decided on a set of the 18x9.5 LMGT4's in white, only to find out that Rays are out of stock and apparently not planning to make any more :P

I can only get them in bronze or silver, and the stocks of silver are almost all gone. The guys at Performalink can get me a set of the silver wheels spray painted white by the factory for an extra $400, not sure if the end result would be as durable as the original white versions from the factory though.

I could always go with copies like the Rota's, but would have really liked the JDM's.

God I hate choosing wheels..........

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I just got some 2nd hand LMGT4. If you have the money, go for TE37 with 10.5 wide, they look even better than the LMGT4. But having said that, they're both priced about the same brand new so if I'm looking for brand new wheels, it'll be TE37 18x10.5 +22. Here a photo which made me want a white on white car (TE37 featured).


This is how the my car looks like now with LMGT4(will update the garage with more photos maybe tomorrow or tonight if you wanna have a look). Cheers!


Edited by Brandon
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Thanks Brandon, the TE37's look pretty good in white too, just not as "chunky" as the LMGT4's.

Do you know if the 18x10.5's in +22 offset need any mods to fit on an R33 GTR?

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Nope. Go to the official Ray's Engineering website for the complete list of offset and width. They've got the full list of compatible cars for all the offset (you cant go wrong that way). Basically the TE37 and LMGTs have their spokes more concave which clears the Brembos. If I remember correctly, all the offsets and width of these 2 rims will fit the GTR and the wider it is, the deeper the dish (widest you can go for LMGT is 9.5 and 10.5 for TE37, hence I recommend TE37).

I thought the LM or 400R came with LMGT2 as stock?

Edited by Brandon
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