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noticed when my r33s1 is coming to stop my rear brakes make real loud squeaking sounds, my mate told me that my rear pads are worn off and probably rear brake discs need machining. any recomendations where i can bring my car for a check and get them fix up? recomened me some good street pads guys.. do i need to change my front brake pads if i put in new rear pads? thanks alot

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You could bring your car to me, i will fix your squeak. lol. generally when your brakes start squeeling there glazed.

if there is plenty of pad left take your pads out, rub them on some sand paper on a flat surface and give your disc's a

rub over to take the shine off. also check the plates that sit behind your pads in the caliper, make sure its free of brake dust.

hope this helps. Luke

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sounds great.. oh yeah i do notice my rear brake discs being very shiny, give you a call soon luke im kinda busy this week.. oh just wondering do you help in changing brake pads if i provide them when i give u visit..

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thanks alot today for sorting out my brakes problem luke.... nice chat with you too.... brakes are dead quiet at the moment hopefully it stays this way throughout. will definately visit u again if i need any machining of brakediscs.. still one of the cheapest prices around i can find... cheers :)

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