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Transfering Rego Nsw->vic


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hey guys

i have tried to search up about this but cant find anything clear on what steps u have to take to get the transfer over from nsw to vic.

im looking at buying a new car but its got nsw plates on it.

i know i have to get a road worthy cert but does vic roads have to inspect the car as well?

if anyone has been through this any help would be much appreciated =]

my main concern isnt getting the road worthy just want to know if vic roads have to check over the ccar


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Hey Tin,

they will look over the car, but solely to check the numbers.

All you need is an appointment, a RWC and a declaration of sale from the previous owner. Make sure that includes his license number, date of birth and current address.

Good luck, bruv!

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When I did mine, I let the rego run out in NSW before organising VIC rego, however:

I had a road worthy done on the car by a Vic Roads accredited centre within the 30 day limit. I took the road worthy to the vic roads office and told them it was a new registration, along with the receipt from sale (just a word doc the seller and I signed).

The lady asked how much I wanted to declare the car for even though the receipt told her. I paid my 12 months VIC rego plus stamp duty and the $90 to put my plates back on. Was just over $2K from memory.

To get the remaining rego back from NSW, I believe you need to apply to the RTA up there like you would normally do for Vic Roads down here. You don't transfer as such.

I walked out with a VIC registered car.


**Edit - just saw post above, they don't need to see the car, that can come up if there are any questions over the value but definately don't need to sight it. Sighting the car is more common on first rego, e.g. after compliance.

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i dont think they look at the car..all you need is a RWC and they take the nsw plates and give u vic plates and you pay all the stamp duty and tax i think!!

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thanks guys for the help so far.

so really i just need a RWC, make an appointment and pay for new 12months reg, stamp duty is that correct?

cause the thing is the sellers rego runs out in 2 weeks =/

and say if i cant get the rwc in time that would prbly mean vic roads would have to see the car right?

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Yes you are correct

If you can't get the RWC in that time, yes potentially they may want to see it as when it is does eventually get a roadworthy, it will be unregistered. I am not 100% sure if when renewing NSW rego, the car needs a pink slip at the same time but possibly get the seller to renew in NSW to buy yourself some more time then just cash the rego in up there when you are ready.

I wouldn't have thought you would struggle to get a RWC inside 2 weeks though down here, waiting lists in my experience aren't that long normally.

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I found that sometimes they do need to see the car even if it's registered. My WA registered silvia had to be seen. I was told it was so they could verify the compliance plate.

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