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Hi all,

I am hoping to get some information/advice. We have two weeks to get our slab down to qualify for the first home owners grant and nothing has been started. Is it at all possible to have the block cut out and slab down before 17th of may or are we going to have to get tough and take legal actions to cover us? I am hoping there may be a few of you who work in the industry. I will not publicly name the builder as i do not want anything to come back on us.

Thanks in advance i hope

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i havnt heard of this getting the slab down crap before may stuff. my first home buyers grant was applied to the land already i beleive.

but my slab still hasnt been laid either, jeez maybe ill have to look into that scary stuff


Have all the applicants either -

a) on or after 1st July 2000, entered into a Contract for Sale and Purchase of a home?


b) on or after 1st July 2000, entered into a comprehensive home building contract?


c) on or after 1st July 2000, in the case of an owner builder, commenced construction (ie. laid foundations) of a home on their vacant land?.



dare say that means you just need a contract for it, where you hear about laying the slab

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I have spoken with revenue SA and when you sign the contract it states that building needs to commence in 26 weeks of that contract (slab being down). You then need to email revenue sa with all details as to why it wont be down. Then you may be considered for an extension. We have been pushing this for the last 6 -7 weeks and not getting anywhere

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^^^ Correct, you have 6 months in which to lay the slab after signing the contract, else no FHG.

I was under the impression there were no exceptions, but that may have changed since we built.

FYI we laid the slab 3 days b4 the 6 months was up - we had to pressure the builder flat out. In fact, they poured the slab on Jan 3rd 2002, which was a 36 degree day (hence they started at 5am and were gone by 10am), and most tradies take the whole of January off (and certainly don't ordinarily work that close to Xmas).

So in answer to your question, yes they should easily be able to do it within 17 days (physically).

In fact, it should only take 3 days -

1 day to cut/fill and dig the footings trenches. Maybe an extra day if you need masses of cut.

1 day to lay the steel reinforcing and plumbing

1 day to pour the slab.

But whether the builder has the spare tradies and equipment to do it before your date is another story.

Good luck - and welcome to the nightmare of building. I just pray you aren't building with Rossdale or AV Jennings ....

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Thanks Nightcrawler, we are not with either of those builders. We have a reasonably flat block at aldinga, it is just a single pour. We have have now sent emails and my lovely partner is hounding them. It is hard to know when they are full of crap not knowing alot about building. Hopefully when my partner gets home we will have some better news as 'apparently' at 4.40pm this afternoon they were having a meeting regarding us. I wonder why my ears are burning lol. I will be keeping my fingers and toes crossed.

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I built a brick barbecue once......actually its still standing and can take my bodyweight....

Nice contribution there Nugzy :D

Mel, keep hounding them. Chances are, they are not meeting to discuss you. I've heard bullshit like that before. Delay tactics. Tell them you want a copy of the minutes arising from that meeting. If they can't provide, then it never happened. Threaten to get in contact with HIA and see if that rattles their cage.

Your first step to preparing yourself "for combat" is always to be aware of who it is you'd need to complain to in the event of a dispute. In this case, I believe HIA are the people. Call them and just briefly tell your story and what they think you should do. No action needs to be taken now, but they could prob guide you to get better results.

I deal with builders, developers, brokers, agents on a regular basis, and they're as trustworthy as a car salesman. :D

I'm in the middle of taking action against my Broker for not following specific instructions on how I wanted my property portfolio structured ... they've come to the table panicking because I've been armed with good advice from the COS, and I know the rules involved. Get yourself armed with good reliable info.

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