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Farewell All

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I'm am very sad to announce that at 0830 tomorrow morning I will no longer be in possesion of my sexy skyline. At the start of the year I decided after 5 1/2 years of ownership it was time to sell the baby, and finally this has come to be. So tomorrow morning it will be dropped off at a freight company to make the long trip to Adelaide.

I would just like to thank everyone for the fun times, sorry if I was a little crazy on occasion but hey thats just me lol. Christmas cruises were definitely the bomb!!!

Thank you to all those who offered support in lending parts, lending a hand and the always great advice.

Maybe if I'm allowed lol I might perphaps tag along in the new wheels on a cruise, what ever those wheels might be (decide when I get back from overseas in december)

Take care all

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Awww Shawn, you are going to fret for her (and us :D) I hope the trip overseas is worth it (I'm sure it will be).

Keep in touch and we'll catch up when you get back.

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You sold it? What. Well guess I can relate to that,I did the same thing as you know 4 that 4x4 I had.Was good fun going out bush and in the mud,But I don't have that anymore as i just could'nt get the skyline bug out of me, So I now have another Skyline. Well look after ya self dude, and I hope to see you again one day. I certainly enjoyed those cruises with ya.

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