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R32 Gts/gtst Parts For Sale, Melbourne

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Hey guys got some parts for sale from my car as i have given my car face lift and other mods. PICTURES AT BOT.

>> R32 gtst/gts Black front gaurds/quarter panels. Both sides available, right side has scratch and about 2cm of paint been removed. shown in pics. $150($130 for scrtached one)

>> R32 gtst/gts inner front gaurds. $50 both

>> R32 gts Black front Bar $80

>> R32 gts/gtst front blinkers. $50ea

>> R32 Trust 3inch cat back, resonator replaced with straight pipe. comes with interchangible end cannon/muffler to baffle sound. as in pics. $150

>> R32 Dump and hks down pipe with sensor. $80

>> R32 gts down pipe with 3inch catalyst. $50

>> space saver wheel unused (pcd 4/114.5) $50

>> R32 front 4 stud hub/control arms (pcd 4/114.5) $50 both

Also variuos r32 interior parts, dash, cluster sorround, plz ask

Open to offers

Andrew, east merlbourne, 0433 859 377













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>> R32 front 4 stud hub/control arms (pcd 4/114.5) $50 both

SOLD pending payment

will pick up friday or saturday,

call you before then to let you know

need to pick up r33 quarters from heathmont,

what the best price you can do the front drivers side quarter ? or as pair ?

please pm me

cheers Nick

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still got the cigarette lighter socket?

by cigarette light socket im assuming u mean the middle bottom dash that holds the ash tray and covers the sides of your headunit right back ur pedals? if so then yes However it is from a R32 GTR and will not match gts/gtst interior as the bottom hieght is not long enough which leaves it not flush the gts/gtst floor carpet. i've tried.

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nah champ i just meant the actualy socket where the cigarette lighter goes onto. the round cyclinder thingy that is glued to the plastic surround. mine came off completely

Nah sorry mate i dont wanna seperate this cos it will ruin value of piece.

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