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Wtb: R33 Gtr Or Modded R32 Gtr With 33 Engine.


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As the topic states im after a R33 GTR (not really interested in v-specs, too expensive at the moment), but anything around 100,000k's or less. I'm also sussing about 32 gtr's and since they're getting pretty old i'm chasing one with a 33 gtr engine. If its a 32 i'd like it to be fairly modified, but still good for street use.

I'm trying to find someone who'd want to downgrade (perhaps buying a house etc), and i'm offering my 1993 R32 Gts-t + up to $10k cash.

Here's some details of the 32:

Its a 1993 Nissan Skyline GTS-T (turbo model).

Serviced every 5000k's.

Manual with the RB20DET engine (straight 6, 2-litre engine). Tuned to 210RWKW!!!

Car has 136,000 genuine k's on it (i can vouch for the previous owner, and I walk to work which means it only really gets driven on weekends, so has had a VERY good life).

It is fairly highly modified, but to a safe extent for street use, and considering that it isn't beaten to within a inch of its life like alot of other skylines up for sale, the price im asking is very reasonable.

$12,000 (already been price dropped twice :starwars: )

The modification list is as follows:


R32 GTR Wing (gunmetal grey).

Black bonnet (not carbonfibre, so its legal; just sprayed black).

R34 GTT Rims (17" silver rims, also are fitted to the stageas).

Various stickers (can be removed if buyer prefers).

Tinted windows, great for summer.


Aftermarket springs.

Aftermarket shocks.

Heavy duty bushes.

Strut bars (front and rear).

Quality tyres (still about 80% of tread left).


Front mount intercooler with 3" piping.

K&N Pod Filter.

Cold air intake.

Nismo Z32 AFM.

Sard 550cc Injectors.

Dr Drift Re-mapped ECU.

Dr Drift Manual Boost Controller (at 16psi on a safe tune).

Turbo Timer.

R33 Series 2 turbo (off an auto so only seen 5psi its life) Highflowed about 9 months ago with Garrett internals to 350hp.

Split Dump pipes.

X-force 3" dumps-back exhaust with high-flow cat (only about 3 months old) through to 4.5" cannon.

New century battery+terminals.

New spark plugs and coils cleaned with 1 being replaced.

Interior/sound system:

DVD Motorised screen with dvd player.

Earthquake 6" splits up front (retail about $300).

6.5" splits on the parcel shelf with crossovers.

Audison 5channel amp SPX (top of the range).

Polk Momo 10" sub.

Nardi leather steering wheel.

Playstation 2 mounts in glove box (not selling with the playstation though).

Boost Gauge.

I have priced the car to sell with a road worthy certificate, which can be arranged, or if the buyer would like the car cheaper then I will drop the price to $11,500 without the certificate. The car does have a couple of scratches on it but nothing too serious, also a small dint in the driver's rear quarter panel, it wouldn't be much to fix, i simply dont have the time.

Contact me (ash):

Pm, e-mail [email protected] , 0400531138







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