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Eoi: Hoodies - For Real This Time


who wants hoodie?  

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Okay, I said i'd take this up late last year but got put off because of many a reason. now that winter has set in (and a few reminder PMs from interstate people, thanks) that i thought i should see who is interested

for starters here is the design of the hoodie is attached.

I still havent got pricing finalised (this has been the hold u for the last little while) as i misplaced my CD with all the SAU stuff on it =\ but for all those that have hoodies left over from when damo/rad32 did their thing to get your replacement hoodies embroidered will be under or around $30

for those wanting new hoodies it should be under or around $50

anyhows, prince will vary depending on how many people we have intersted

sorry this is short, need to run off to basketball but if you have any further questions i'll answer them as soon as i can

once again apologies to all the interstate people who this has dragged on for!

Oh, one last note, these will be 100% embroided hoodies, no screen printing!!! and for new hoodies i'll be getting JB clothing, not dodgey whatever we got



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Not from SA, but I hope that I can get in on this!

Those hoodies look GREAT!

Any thought of getting other colours? I'd love a white one...

Any thought of opening this up to other states?

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Lets hope this runs a bit more smoothly this time. I'm definately down for it, it would be nice to have a nice warm SAU hoodie :D

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I am keen, i missed out last time. Ill take 2 if i can, 1 white and 1 black, if you can choose, otherwise just 1 in whatever color.

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