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R32 Lsd Diff + Rear Subframe + Hicas

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As title of thread specifies I am selling whats left of an R32 rear end. These parts have been sitting on a pallet for years, since they were imported by a workshop for use as spare parts. The diff has a ratio of 4.36 which suits an automatic gearbox from what I've read on these forums and does not have any speed sensors on it, hence non-ABS. The diff is in excellent condition (since it was imported for spares I cannot give you an accurate km value for diff use, however a reasonable guestimate would be <50,000 kms).

Cradle + control arms +drive shafts + diff + Hicas (as seen in these photos) = 500 AUD.




Im sure people would want individual prices so here they are;

Viscous LSD Diff (4.36 ratio) = 200 AUD

Drive shafts = 120 AUD

Cradle + control arms + Hicas = 250 AUD

LOCATION : Parts located South East Melbourne

Contact : 0409 554 121 - Shiraz

Shipping : Can be shipped to anywhere at buyer's expence

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