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Swapping Springs Over On Coilover Suspension

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as above

i have 2 different types/specs of coilovers.

1 is height adjustable and the other is damper adjustable

the height adjustable ones are leaking so i wanna take out the the springs and tops off that set and put them on the other non leaking set

i wanna swap em over because theyre too hard for street use

so the question is, is it ok to change springs/tops over on different shocks?

any help would be great

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the springs on the leaking coilovers are wider on the top than the other ones hence why i'd be also swapping the tops

the idea of it is to soften the ride + lower it a bit

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yeah, you can do it easily enough and as you are going down in spring rate you will probably find that the damper is better able to control the spring.

You may have an issue with swapping tops over if the shaft on the shock is a different diameter or the section for the mount is longer/shorter but you won't know that until you have a good look.

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