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Garage Clean Out (r32 Full Body Kit, R32 Afm, Rims)

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Hey guys i just sold my car not to long ago and looking to get rid of the rest of the junk lying around.

SO here are the items:

FULL URAS KIT front bumper, rear bumper and side skirts GOING FOR ONLY $400 FRIM!!!! bought brand new for $750, had intentions of putting it on the r32 but sold car so no need for it now.

R32 AFM bought off ebay works fine chucked it on the car works fine, just sitting in the garage collecting dust so need it gone asking $180

AVS typ 5 rims brought brand new had a slight accidnet when they where on the R32. Drove through a paddel and it turned out to be a big hole so kinda chipped it and might have warped shape but had that filled and reshaped looks as good as new, brand new these rims will cost u about $2500. All i want for them is $800 and their all yours.

So look guys a chance to grab a real bargin. These items are already damn cheap so dont be a stingy bastard and try and get a couple of dollers of an item.

My contact number is 0425 863 443 if i dont pick up just shoot me up a txt and i'll get back to ya


I'll upload pictures tomorow

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    • OK, buy MSD. You be the guinea pig. It's not as if 6x$95 is all that much more than $470 anyway.
    • Mega effort mate well done.  If it makes you feel better... - My new front and rear mains leaked immediately, meaning I had to redo timing again and remove gearbox to replace.  - When testing the rear main ws good I had the selector cables off the box (box in neutral, no drive shafts in) but there was enough vibration for it try and grab a gear at idle speeds and it spat the diff shims out, so box had to come out again... There's always "something". 
    • Oh that is my favourite, done it more than once
    • Can't forget them. Have spent the better part of the last 2 years in Bunbury. Any longer and I would have to get one of each.
    • Hit it hard last night, was in the shed till 2:30am. Had to get everything ready to try fit engine today as neighbour is going away tomorrow. This happenned today      Was going smoothly, till it wasn't. Had to lower the sway bar, remove engine mounts to get the engine to its spot and then refit everything. Head drain also created some clearance issues but got there in the end. Some idiot put the drain return on the sump virtually where the engine mount is. Hose fits on but is less than ideal, going to have to revisit it and fit a 90° fitting. Had some hiccups last night too with getting the flywheel and gearbox on. Firstly forgot the sandwich plate, so had to remove clutch and flywheel again. Then gearbox went on smoothly but then realised new block has an alignment dowel in the same spot as gearbox. GB off again to remove said dowel. Cnut. Anyway, it's in now. AC and PS pumps refitted, tail shaft bolted up as well. Left to do is reconnect all harnesses and plugs. Looks like a big mess ATM. Fit dump pipe, radiator, shifter, intake piping and associated bits, air box fill, afluids and hopefully fire it up. Looks like couriers please has lost my break in oil again. Useless pricks. Looks like I'll just get whatever mineral oil is on special at super shit auto. Hopefully it will actually run after all this or I'm going to burn it, lol.
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