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17 Inch Alloy Wheels + Tyres

Rota OZ

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Hey guys,

Just treated myself to some nice ROTA wheels for my R32 so the ones that came on it are up for sale

17 X ??? (tho im assuming 8 or 8.5) Gunmetal Grey with polished lip

4 week old TOYO T1-R on the front and Dunlop SP on the back again with very good tread (5/6mm)

Very good condition , some small marks on them but as you can see in the pics they are hardly notciable


Offers ????

Located on the sunshine coast , can organise delivery or meet half way depending on distance

Please PM or call 0411564117

Edited by STEANO - ROTA OZ
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hmm, you bought rota wheels.

probably just hang onto these as it's just a matter of time till one of the rota's cracks.

Lol - well you can say silly things like that but i can assure you its quite far from the truth.

I sponsored both 2007 UK Time attack champions (Pro and club class) with rota wheels and had no issues , i ve ran rota on all my demo cars (400 bhp EVO X - 520 BHP UK STI - 740BHP R34 GTR) again with no issues and have sold thousands of sets to customers all without issues ...........

Put your money where your mouth is , buy a set off me , if they crack i ll refund you and give you a free set.

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