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2 Din Cheap Gps Audio

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the antennas prob arent hooked up right, had one with the antenna screw in mismarked , but also the GPS antenna must see the sky clearly, where did they mount it. behind metalized windowtint ? or upside down ?

the digital tv, well the signals arent the best stationary let alone moving but they do make antennas that can lock on the signal at 200mph

the radio signal antenna in skylines sucks a best. diversity, twin input , creates more problems with mutipath on aftermarket radios, if they just hacked off the old wires and not properly converted it, the signal will suck .!!!

yeah these radios , for the cost and features arent bad, the GUI graphics blows ass, might have to hack it..lol

and the manuals are below average . still for the cost and what you get, Pioneer and a few others should reduce there pricing , cause ebay is selling the crap out of these radios.


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Ok so I pulled it all out today, turns out the problem with the GPS was the GPS antenna was plugged into the TV antenna outlet!

All works fine now....or at least until I went to put it back in the car and discovered the GPS antenna cable in the back of the deck fouls on a structural bulkhead and will not fit without some serious mods :P

So I am back to where I started...but at least know what the problem is!

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Still cant get any TV reception, im told the Aerial that comes with it is crap so thought I may try something else before giving up (not to worried about TV function)

These guys seem pretty cheap anyone have any ideas on which Aerial would be the best upgrade?


The DVB-T output from the back of the deck is a Female SMA which also seems to cause a few problems when looking for an aerial

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  • 3 weeks later...

I've put my antenna searching on hold for the time being but would be interested to know what option you decide on and how it goes.

I was told by my local car radio place that the in-glass antenna would cost around $170 or the one with front and rear bumper antenna would be $150 for each.

I've had a quick search over the net to see what alternatives I could find or if I could find them for a tad cheaper but no luck.

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hey guys got my HT-9001s model 2 din installed just b4 xmas was working great till it stoped accepting cds and dvds it says loading while the cd is in then just spits em out.... trying to contact the seller of them on ebay so i let u know if he fixs it under warranty....tv reception is def poor and none at all when going over 20kph my brother has an antenna which he is going to try it cost me $120 and fits to the rear windscreen i let u know how it works

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  • 2 weeks later...

I had one of these Chinese units back in 2004.

It was replaced under warranty twice (would turn off with the car's ignition and then never wake up again).

The remote control warped and popped apart from heat even though I kept it in my glove box.

The third time it failed, I took it out and reverted back to my old single din JVC head unit, which I'm still using now, several cars later.

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well guys im stoked he replaced the whole head unit no problems at all but the antenna for the tv my brother got worked no better than the one supplied with the deck has anyone found one that actullay works?or is there just crap reception on freeways?

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I'm actually thinking of getting one of those HT-9001 models as well. Only thing stopping me is the installation cost of those, are they easy to do by yourself? As $350 for installation is way too heavy for me. I'm only interested in the GPS and CD player, maybe radio too, TV and all not too interested. How's the product so far for those who've gotten it?

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I took a few days to completely install it. That's not to say the car was off the road for that time, I just took extra time to run the wires through to the boot and rear bar for the rear camera etc.. and each night I'd put the car back together enough to use it again to get to work.

Still going strong, fingers crossed for that to continue :(

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  • 3 months later...
I just bought one of these cheapies from ebay as well, its got all the goodies - BT, tv, gps etc. I thought id see how it goes...

link to ebay item

but how do i hook up my sub to it when it only has one wire labeled 'sub woofer out'? to hook it up to my amp doesn't it need two wires- pos+ and neg-?

subwoofers use Mono signals for mono amps, you don't need two RCA in most cases. on the amp case you might have two inputs but inside it mixes the signal for you. if you feel inclined you can use a rca splitter to go from one to two outputs ?

since I have no idea what your using for sub amps I can only make suggestions. not exact configuration instructions

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  • 1 year later...
  • 2 weeks later...

My mate actually bought one of these. So far with only a few months of use, the SD card slot has failed, the GPS never worked, the interface would glitch and become slow to respond and the discs would eject flippin hot after playing for a while.

Conversely, I bought a Kenwood unit for the gf's X-Trail and never looked back since, excellent unit with great features.

It pays to buy something decent first up and avoid the problems. cheers.gif

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  • 2 years later...
  • 6 years later...

sorry for grave digging up a really old thread....

also have a HOATOA HT-9000i unit
gps works
bluetooth works
radio works
haven't grounded out the brake wire for movie while driving (too busy driving to be watching movies !)
it's been installed for years now, (probably as long as this thread has been around .... )
the gps did stuff up for awhile but after some scouring of the interwebs i did find if you take out the navigation sdcard and delete the save folder it goes back to the initialization menu.

updating maps can also be a pain, but can be done , i'm running iGo Primo version 2 on it and while slow initially otherwise seems fine, i'm looking into upgrading the firmware/windows ce on this unit so far to no avail, planning on getting a brand name android unit sometime soon anyway ....

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