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How To Build A Cheap Strong Fast Reliable Rb

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Sorry this is my mistake to make a question 😅 


So What I mean was the RB25DE NEO with 75t block is it same as DET or DET NEO

 and sorry again for last time🙏

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On 17/03/2021 at 8:09 AM, Ben C34 said:


I mean to these are tried to make conversion from RB25DE/DE NEO to DET/DET NEO

Does thay'll change cylinder block but knowing all RB25 blocks it's 75t , could all used for turbo?



Sorry for bad spelling or mistakes in my write

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On 22/06/2009 at 5:48 AM, dwest said:

This is a question many have asked.

I spent 2 years in Japan and before I went there I didnt even know how to change oil. All I did was turn wrenches for the Japanese in exchange for cheap cheap cheap parts. I once got an Rb26dett from a R33 for 400USD...

Anyways I was going on and on about my honda days when we used to build the crap out of a tin can and call it tuning, I did alot of watching back then.

I wanted to build a Rb25det and use the money from selling the 26 to achieve 500hp to the wheels with moderate cash less then 10kusd. Maybe around half of that.

I went on about forged this and upgraded that.

The Japanese guys scratched there head and said WHY!!!

They assured me a stock Rb25det on a stock headgasket was more then capable of 500hp. They said to add a accusump, and some injectors, a ebay turbo and tune and have fun...

I couldnt belive it but yes its true. How do I know? Because I did it and the engine is in my car right now. I blew the engine about 5 months ago but thats because I got boost happy and went up over 1.9 bar... oops my knock light got ignored because I wanted to teach a porche a lesson I won the fight lost the war.

Anyway back to the story. So here is what your RB can take relaibly:

RB20det: 350-400hp You will need a headgasket and might experiance lag of course you will need a turbo capable of getting you here along with a tune etc... But the engine itself is one of the strongest RB the Rb20det is stronger then both the Rb25 and 26... They just lack displacement.

RB25det anything under 550 is golden with this engine its solid as hell and has half the problems of its big brother the Rb26dett its just the Rb26dett has more upgrade potential and can strectched farther now the R33 versions are solid. The R34 versions have weaker blocks and the computer crap makes them a pain to tune.

The R32 have the oil starvation issue but before you go out buying Jun oil pumps and sumps and spending crazy money heres how the Japanese do it. Its called an Accusump it will cost you about 300usd that and a baffle and problem solved.

The Rb26dett is excellent in the R33 sturdy block, better design, usually lower mileage then the R32 version, less complicated then the R34 version and can be cross compatible with all Skyline chasis. There is no downside to this motor, in order to reach well over 600 the rods and pistons will have to go.

The engine can do 600 reliably with the right safety mods.

Accusump, baffle, huge oil cooler, GOOD TUNING!!! GOOD TUNING!!! GOOD TUNING!!! I cant stress that enough... Its all about your tune when going for big numbers dont practice on your baby go to a professional now your beater is a diffrent story...

This same information has been stressed before... You can do just fine with N1 oil pumps, and water pumps, you dont need Tomei, Jun, Greddy, they are overprices and good for another 1000rpm ooooh... An Rb is not an Sr it has the torque downlow to make you smile without high RPM...

Also for the Rb25det guys here is a little advice stay the hell away from high lift cams that take major head mods, the reason is because the Rb25det is stroked in a way to reject high lift cams even after the head is built up. For this reason you lose low end power and without a Jun oil pump ie 1500 dollars you will blow your motor to get the most out of your cams, 256 to 260 lift is more then enough...

If you feel you need 272's then its time for a Rb26dett... You lose power where it counts in a 25 with huge mods...

No need to stroke your Rb26 to an Rb28dett. Michia a freind in Japan has 900whp on an Rb26dett with just forgies and bolt ons and he has lost no torque and he doesnt have a jun oil pump or anything like it he uses an N1...

He also has poncams imagine that... He has 2 big twins and a GREAT TUNE!!!

Save yourself some money and spend the money where it counts... Support mods...

Research accusump it can be your best freind and save you thousands...

Cheap and reliable does not happen. 😂😂😂

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