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03 Infiniti G35 Driver Airbag Compatibility With 01 V35 Skyline

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Hi there,

I have a 2001 Skyline V35 250GT. A few days ago the airbag warning light starting blinking in my car. I took it to the local autoelectrician and they attached the Airbag computer, and it indicated a fault with the Driver Module. Problem is there aren't any replacement parts here in New Zealand. To get the part, they need to order it from Nissan who will import it at a cost of $1400 + shipping + labour. I was wondering, if I ordered the driver airbag module from ebay, for an '03 Infiniti G35 (for around $400), would this fit my car with no issues?

In terms of part numbers, the driver airbag module has the part numbers K19981E or 28556A-710. I'm unsure of the part numbers on the Infiniti G35, but I know they look the same, apart from the fact that one has a Nissan symbol, and the other has an Infiniti Symbol.

Thanks in advance.


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Thank you for your reply. Thats the information I needed. I saved myself $400-500 in which case, but need to fork out $1400 for the real thing. Such is the nature of the beast I guess.

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It won't fit.

Infiniti G35 airbag from USA has 2 conectors at the back.

JDM V35 Skyline only have 1 connector.

Try sourcing one from yahoo auctions. I used these guys they're very professional


just setup an account - top up cash via paypal or credit card, etc.

and start bidding instantly

good luck!

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most JDM owner buys \the infiniti one just to swap out the cover, they're only after the infiniti logo.

but the module itself need to be jdm with single connector,

no idea why infiniti one must have 2 connectors.

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