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R33 Gtr Brembo's On Gtst

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Firstly the Brembos are front calipers only so I wanted to keep my standard rears. I also have a GTR master cylinder too.

I know they will bolt straight up with a small amount of modification, but the master on my GTST has a line coming out from under it and there is not one on the GTR master.

So what i have found byway of searching this forum from GTR Goeff (thanks mate) is that the brake bias would be wrong using this setup, meaning that the rears would lock up before the front had a good chance to work properly.

I know he mentioned that on a ABS equiped car this would be not a problem but I dont have it.

Is there a way to set the bias, should I get the rears as well OR just keep my normal setup (RDA slotted discs, good fluid and lines)

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