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Hks Gt-rs Turbo Hks Cams Hks 555cc Injectors

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ripping these hks bits of car in two weeks posting up to see whos interested cant really take decent pics till then....

located in eastern suburbs sydney....

HKS GT-RS (includes everything in kit direct bolt up to rb25 /rb20) 2100

HKS Cams 264 9mm lift (straight drop in MUST REMOVE VCT) 800

HKS 555cc injectors (side feed) 700

HKS Duralumin Cam gears (any rb) 300$ pair

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yeah and your point??

if your not interested in buying dont reply please..

p.s lol @ posting up to try f*k up my sales..dickhead

you aiming this at me ?

cos its a simple question i asked with out you being a wanker again !!!

yes again.

if you had of answered better i had someone to buy it but f$#k that.

croat:you should of answered for him and it would of been sold.

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