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Rb 25 Turbo

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For sale Rb25 DET complete engine including alternator, starter motor and loom (no computer) was rebuilt 15,000kms ago. Have receipts and dyno sheets from 153rwkw at 7psi to 194rwkw at 12psi with aftermarket computer, boost cont, full 3inch exhaust and fuel pump. Also have had the head off new valve stem seals and checked as its been sitting round for a fair while. Also have photos taken of combustion chambers showing prominent hone marks. Any test welcome and Any questions answered.

$2300 ono

Attached thumbnail(s) img-resized.png Reduced 89%post-52162-1228204768_thumb.jpg 972 x 1296 (217.04K)//img-resized.png Reduced 89%post-52162-1228204847_thumb.jpg 1296 x 972 (239.09K)//img-resized.png Reduced 89%post-52162-1228204871_thumb.jpg 972 x 1296 (218.82K)//img-resized.png Reduced 89%post-52162-1228204890_thumb.jpg 972 x 1296 (172.77K)//

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Hey mate, just wondering who did the rebuild and what parts were used? Does it come with the turbo? What year vehicle was it from?



One of my close mates back in tassie did the rebuild, hes done a few of mine and quite a few that i know of. Merv gray machine shop in launcetson did the machining on the head and block. Original standard bore size pistons were used as they were still good. Acl race series mains, big end bearings and rings were used. Yes the engine is complete with turbo, ready to put straight in. All up it cost me around $5500 to get done, that is including the engine itself. have reciepts for everything. Im not sure what year r33 the engine came from but id say being series 1, around 94, 95

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