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How To Test Oil Pressure Gauge, Just Replaced Sender And Still Have Issues


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Is there a way to check if the oil pressure gauge is functioning properly? Or of a way to check if the wires are bad? I just replaced my oil pressue sender with a new one from Nissan. With the old sender my oil pressure would read 2kg/cm^2 at startup then 1kg/cm^2 afterwards and wouldn't move. With the new sender it reads 2kg/cm^2 constantly and will move to 2.2kg/cm^2 but no more. Its a BNR32, I ordered a set of Defi's but I won't receive them for another few weeks. So I would like to have my stock gauge work and with a new sender I expected it to allow it to read properly. Is there anyway to test the gauge by passing a current though it?



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