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So my new baby has a shitty Nissan key to unlock, the doors unlock or lock. but no chirp or hazard flash....

Is this a feature not existant? (mainly hazard flash)

Or is a fuse blown and i dont know where it is?

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    • Try Christian from ITSROM. He should be able to help with a modified ECU. Itsrom | Facebook   or you can send him an email on itsrom AT outlook.com  
    • what exhaust, intercooler, turbine housing? I don't get this part ngk 7’s spark plugs (tuner refused to tune with 8’s for my car) why is the keyboard operator telling you what parts go in your car comes of as controlling, controls your engine, your tune, your horsepower.
    • Looks good man, at this rate everyone will have running cars before me lol.
    • Car got complied and road registered on club plates. First aftermarket mod 7inch double din Android head unit with CarPlay and a bunch of adaptors so I don’t have to hack into the wiring.
    • Got a message mid morning saying it was all done! Tow truck picked it up around lunch time and dropped it home.  I pulled it all apart and dropped it down to the powdercoaters. Should have it back next week sometime.  Popped down and grabbed some high temp paint and gave the radiator, TB and adapter a couple of coats. Came up looking sweet. It has a nice look to it.  Tomorrow I'll pull the dump and screamer off so I can wrap them with exhaust wrap. Then pull turbo and mani off so I can sand the mani back as its got a bit of rust coming through the ceramic coating and looks shit. 
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