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*work Meisters - If You Want Dish, These Are For U ! Epic*

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Ok so i had planned a certain type of look that i wanted for my gtr, but over the last few months i have swayed for a different look due to the style of rebuild thats happening.

I bought these from jpn a few years ago and have sat in my shed eva since. You will need widebody kit for these as they hang out a fair way from factory r32 gtr guards. The tyres can be taken off and not be sent if thats what you want, or they will stay on for the sale. They arn't much good, prolly suit a few laps in a drifter as the are near/on the indicators. They are 265/35ZR18 dunlop lemanz

If i was to keep these, i would do a sticker replacement which you can easily buy from ebay or probably some business traders could get them and if i was feeling in the right mood, have a wheel shop pull them apart, re-polish the lip and paint re-paint the black spokes.

Specs are:

Work Meister S1 18x10 +18(F) 18x11 -8® 5x114.3


I am very open to swaps, interested in 18x9.5 to 18x10.5 advan, ssr, work, rays/volk anything jap realy.

Shipping will be on a courier, as this is much easier than aust post. Located on nth side of Brisbane, pick up is cool too.








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hey dude, trade for race seat.

CORBEAU carbon/kevlar race seat, they are hand made and weigh 7kg.

i bought 2 of them for a different project but only used 1.

has been trimmed in black itilian leather with red stitching and has perforated center, it is brand new

cost me over $2500 to buy the seat and have it trimmed

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yes, these will fit a r32 perfectly. you may just have to roll your rear guards a little....

well they sit at least an inch outside of my gtr front and rear. so modification is a must, either widebody rear or some extreme flaring of the rear fenders

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Hi All....

I just wanna point out that these will definately NOT fit standard R32-GTR guards. Im not 100% sure of R33/R34-GTR i would assume that they do not fit these either without some slight flaring (my opinion), and gtst would be a definate NO without a wide body.

Hope this can help answer some of you wonders.


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