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Hey guys, you're probably wondering what the hell I'm doing posting this on SAU...

But yeh, I've found heaps of info on here regarding turbo set-ups, I've bought a fair few parts from people on here etc...

So yeh this is what i've been working on for the past 6 months of so, I'm almost finished.

my aim is 230-260whp and low 14s on no more than 7psi.

Heres some specs of the kit and the car:

2002 Nissan X-trail Ti-L (luxury model)

2.5l 4cyl (QR25DE)

4WD, 5sp manual

2 1/4" zorst

4-2-1 extractors

cosmo racing cold air intake

nismo intake cam

JWT exhaust cam

X-treme clutches heavy duty clutch and lightened flywheel

black 16" rims

coustic 2 channel amp and poneer 12" sub

Turbo kit: (almost finshed)

Garrett T3 .48 a/r (stock 300zx turbo, rebuilt and rebalanced.

custom ss braided oil lines

walbro GSS342 255lph intank fuel pump

WRX 440cc top feed injectors

GFB hybrid blow off valve

GReddy full auto turbo timer

custom made manifold and 3" turbo back

400x220x65 FMIC w/ 2.5" piping

calibre voltage, oil pressure and boost gauges with glowshift oil filter sndwich

custom made rear wheel torque display - shows how much torque is being sent to the back wheels in AWD mode (4WD mode has a 50/50 split)

NGK iridium step colder spark plugs

Monza oil catch can

EMS stinger 4424 engine management - tuned by hyperdrive motorsport

stock: th_DSC007292.jpg now: th_l_a80ebf3a62b04cb8958ef5e728b86e7e.jpg rims + tyres: th_l_215f041704944e549c6e8b6b3b82fa06.jpg

eyelids: th_l_9d102194a09546989b4bf9e192d5990f.jpg clutch and fly: th_DSC00993.jpg 'cooler: th_DSC01043.jpg

th_P1000437.jpg gfb BOV: th_P1000485.jpg turbo: th_l_d5d0669aac014f8c8e0612b22a5ba211.jpg

th_l_1a19dacb910f409ca4a1ada25d514704.jpg th_l_bca212a204a3405ab815f6bd134e7d8a.jpg injectors: th_P1000481.jpg

interior: th_P1000546.jpg front end: th_DSC01044.jpg th_l_99c4a485ff7a4b8586042e17ada952ac.jpg

th_l_8bf77ef86577442ebf6b6a47553143a0.jpg th_l_0bf5124df1cb4d4aa20be51c8833fe77.jpg th_P1000556.jpg

th_P1000558.jpg th_P1000554.jpg

Ok yeh i know some of you will get your hate on, Saying "its a soccer mum's car" and "you cant polish a turd" etc...

but i couldn't care less. its my pride and joy.

Im about 70% done. I've got all the parts ready to go on, just need to wait a few weeks till my parents go away and i can have the car off the road (so ive got another car to use while im working on it) Im hoping for low 14s and anywhere from 230-260whp. the reason for the ballpark figure, the only other x-trail thats bin dynoed that i know of, was an automatic with a full engineered zorst, intake and haltech engine computer (it dynoed exactly 100fwkw). to be honest, ive got no idea how itll dyno, cos i know that this 4wd system eats a shitload of power, and im planning to run it in front wheel drive with the rear prop shaft disconnected, cos i've heard horror stories regarding f**ked rear diffs cos of the electonic nature of the 4wd system. that with my car being manual and turbo, i think theres gonna be a big difference to the 100fwkw mentioned.

Ill update as things get done...

Take care guys.

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sorry i dont follow...

Im winding in 7pound of boost if thats what your asking...

8-10 psi is the safe limit for my engine without some internal upgrades.

And yes, one day i plan to rebuild the engine with forged pistons, conrods and race bearings, head studs, block guards and metal head gasket.

but for now, the motor stays un-opened.

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I am from Russia, we have Toyta Rav4 with a turbine 35 Garett, pressing degree 10 on a metallic gasket 1.3 bar, does not maintain a drive. For you good X-trail good job is done :P:P;)

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got the EMS the other day...

came off a 200sx with a tune to an SR20 (of course)

not that thats much help to me, but eh, at least it works.

came with both wiring harnesses and computer com cable.

$720 bucks shipped to my door.

Beats the hell out of $1300 brand new haha


all i need to do now is fab up the intercooler piping and the exhaust, after the manifold gets made.

then ill be ready to get it tuned.

Give it 3 weeks ill have the most powerful non-jap market x-trail in the world (unless theres another turbo x-trail ive never heard of - im sure there is haha).


VERY exciting times ahead (for me anyway :))

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looks like it should be fun. with the flange adapter that's on the turbo it looks like the internal wastegate is now blocked up? so what are you going to use for a wastegate? I'm guessing external?

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nah its still internal, strange design but the wastegate flap is in behind the top of the dump flange.


not like most internally gated turbos i've seen, but eh, does the same job...

if it flows 3L of exhaust gasses and doesnt spike 7psi, theres no reason why it wont work on same pressure and only 2.5l of exhaust gasses.

cant wait to get started on some sweet fab work :D

prob gonna paint the intercooler piping black, make it a little more sleeper...

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hey man yeh its bin rebuilt.

i just sent off the centre housing to turbotech here in Perth.

just put new bolts and everything on for the sake of it u know.

managed to clock it round so the oil feed points directly up.

cos as you know on a 300zx its a side mount, and i need it to be a top mount.

is your in good condition at all?

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update: got all the turbo parts lying around...

everything's installed that i can, just waiting for my manifold.

my mate does fabrication stuff for a living so it should be good!

heres the start:


thats a laser cut flange btw :D

all i need is the exhaust (inc manifold and dump - all the flanges are made already) and intercooler piping...

give me two weeks i should be most of the way through that. im picking up the raw metal for the i/c piping tomorro so i might start measuring that up then.

ill post as many pics/vids as i can regarding the manifold, exhaust, tune and of course the dyno runs and in-car drives when its done.

stay tuned! (pardon the pun)

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