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Where Can I Buy V35 Parts Locally?

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Just wondering where should I look for v35 parts in australia?

I am after a HKS hi power ti exhaust and some Tein springs but I cant seem to find any shops that got them instock locally for V35 or 350z.

can anyone recommand local shops that might have those parts instock or reputable shops from overseas.

Also, I am having some problems with my front tyres, I was told they need to be changed within the next 2~3k but i had only driven bout 13k on them so they seem to be wearing out rather fast. Does anyone have similiar problem with their v35? and is there anyway to fix it or atleast make the tyres last a bit longer?


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go ebay for the hks hi power.. The product listed on hks website did wrote something about that model cant b fitted onto jap v35, but i did saw 1 v35 in aus with hks hi power on it.

i guess same for the tein..

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