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R32 Nismo Gtr Turbos

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these turbos were on my rb26 gtst motor got rebuit and run in. went to mechanics to get boost and that adjusted and car blow a turbo manifold gasket mechanic or his apprentice changed that and left a rag in the inlet of the rear turbo motor was started and turbo begain to eat the rag im guessing rag was removed and car was started again was sitting on idle and started to blow heaps of thick white smoke blow turbo.

these are great for spare pair or someone to rebuild. i will get numbers if someones keen. car and parts are at a mates who has storage. i no had a/r 60 lol prob not much help

after $600 ono are worth like 2000 + new

car was making good power when i brought it for 10 min than spun bottom end hence rebuilt motor

car also for sale complete with standart 32 turbos. $11500

can be contacted on 0411672105

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Which is the good turbo in the pics and which is the stuffed one ? Need a few more pics as one intake wheel looks bad - si that the one with the rag chew - whats the other one like.Post up a pic of the tag with numbers and ID on please.

offers please need to sell
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